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Our Values

At SET Consulting, we firmly believe that strong values are essential for building successful client relationships and driving impactful results.

While some agencies may lack clearly defined values, we understand that our values set us apart and shape our unique approach to digital marketing. Call us the "unicorn" of SEO if you'd like. 

100% White Hat Only Human Problem Solvers No B.S. Allowed

100% White Hat

No spammy ads or links. We deploy industry best practices only.

We prioritize white hat tactics for ethical practices, compliance with search engine guidelines, trust-building, and long-term sustainability.

Only Human

Our marketing team possesses empathy, creativity, analytical thinking, collaboration, and professionalism.

By embodying these qualities, we can deliver outstanding results, forge strong client relationships, and thrive in the dynamic marketing landscape.

Problem Solvers

We're a team of problem solvers. We overcome challenges, find innovative solutions, and achieve successful outcomes.

We effectively address pain points and tailor solutions to meet the specific needs of potential customers, ultimately increasing the chances of successful sales.

No B.S. Allowed

We're NOT full of gimmicks. Our team is transparent. B.S. is not welcome here.

We build trust, foster strong relationships, and deliver honest, reliable, impactful marketing solutions. 

Here, Values Aren't Fancy Slogans.

We're passionate and empathetic people with a purpose looking to work with other passionate and empathetic people with a purpose. 

Effective Digital Consultancy Strategy

We're Committed to Our Ethics

At SET Consulting, we firmly uphold a set of core values that serve as the foundation of our identity and guide our every action. Central to our approach is our unwavering commitment to 100% White Hat Tactics in all our search engine optimization and marketing endeavors. This commitment ensures we operate with utmost transparency and honesty, following ethical practices that align with industry standards.

We strongly believe in the power of quality content to make a meaningful impact on reaching and engaging your target market. With this belief, we dedicate ourselves to creating and showcasing unique content that resonates with your audience, communicates your brand's message effectively, and drives tangible results. Our team of experts is driven by a passion for delivering content that meets and exceeds your expectations, consistently striving for excellence in every aspect of our work.

Everyone's Human. 

We pride ourselves on being an empathetic, creative, and analytical team that fosters open dialogue and transparency. We encourage collaboration, questions, and effective planning through platforms like Slack to deliver optimal results. Our empathetic approach allows us to understand our clients deeper, tailoring strategies to their unique needs.

With creativity at our core, we constantly push boundaries and seek innovative ways to engage audiences, delivering impactful experiences. Open dialogue and transparency drive our collaborative work environment, enabling seamless coordination and exceptional outcomes for our clients.

everyone helping eachother through empathy
passing the lightbulb, sharing ideas

We're Here to Solve Problems.

As problem solvers, our strategists thrive on curiosity and data-driven approaches. We believe in A/B testing, exploring solutions, and developing tactical roadmaps backed by thorough research. Leveraging insights and analytics, we optimize campaigns through iterative A/B testing, refining messaging to drive better results.

Our strategists bring diverse skills and industry knowledge to explore solutions and brainstorm innovative ideas to address unique challenges. Grounded in thorough research, we develop data-backed roadmaps that guide clients toward success. With our problem-solving approach and research-driven strategies, we deliver effective solutions that propel clients' growth.

B.S. Is Not Welcome Here. 

Authenticity and purpose are at the core of our values. We approach our work with intention, kindness, and unwavering passion, understanding the significance of what we do. With an entrepreneurial mindset, we engage wholeheartedly with clients, ensuring every effort is purposeful and aligned with their goals.

We treat each client relationship as a partnership, immersing ourselves in their business to deliver exceptional results that surpass expectations. Our commitment to authenticity and purpose sets us apart, creating a collaborative environment where ideas flourish, and success is achieved together. Through our intentional, kind, and passionate approach, we strive to positively impact our clients' growth and prosperity.

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